Friday, March 20, 2009

Using videos in the classroom.

One of the videos that really grabbed my attention was the Microsoft Word Spanish Tutorial. This video demonstrated how students could write a Spanish paper using Microsoft word. It shows what steps you need to make to insert certain letters, accent marks and up-side down punctuation. What I really liked about this site was the fact that the instructions were very clear and it showed viewers step by step what to do. As a Spanish teacher I constantly get students coming up to me asking me how to spell check their Spanish papers on Microsoft Word or how to add accents marks. Therefore I would absolutely suggest to my students to take a look at this tutorial which I believe could be really helpful to my Spanish students.... Check it out!!

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  1. Here's funny video your students might enjoy. The dialog was written by 4th graders so there are many errors. Perhaps your students could find some of them.
    Dr. Burgos