Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WiziQ & Global Cooperation

After exploring the WiziQ site http://www.wiziq.com/ I strongly believe that this tool could be used for any type of global cooperation project. The site offers virtual classes and tons of other unique possibilities. It encourages people to record and videotape themselves so they can share and learn information from other interesting people, such as teachers, professionals or even their own peers. I think that students could use such site to have group presentations regarding important topics that can motivate them and give them the opportunity to discuss and share their thoughts with their classmates and even with other students from around the world. An idea that comes to mind would be asking a group of students from different classes to share a little bit about themselves and their culture and then sending that video-clip around the world to another class. Students from all over the world could exchange ideas, information, discuss other exciting topics and promote cultural awareness.


  1. Hi Laura:

    Thanks for writing about WiZiQ. It is great that people from around the world are exploring different ways to use WiZiQ and we believe it is an excellent tool for teachers and students around the world to collaborate.


    Vikrama Dhiman

  2. Karla,

    Yes, I think WiZiQ would be an excellent tool for sharing globally especially because of its many features.

    Dr. Burgos