Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Social Networking

I found this Spanish site and I thought it could be very useful for my students as well as myself. The site offers a wide variety of Spanish courses, many references which can help students study the Spanish language, it offers detail explanations and it gives students a chance to reflect on their own learning. I really liked the fact that this site can be helpful to every type of learner, whether you are a beginner or a fluent Spanish speaker. It also offers free Spanish videos, music, lesson plans, creative ideas, and active chat rooms...check it out.




  1. Karla,
    Thank you so much for posting a blog entry about our website! As a teacher, I am glad you like it and find it useful for your students too. Let me know if you have any ideas for how to use the site in the classroom as I am trying to compile a list of activities for teachers to use.

  2. Karla,
    Well, you certainly received a warm welcome from the owners of the site. I hope that it proves useful to you.
    Dr. Burgos