Monday, February 9, 2009

RSS Feeds

After reading chapter five I learned a little bit more about what RSS Feeds are and how they serve as a great way to have access to new ideas and have access to useful information. I completely agree with the author when he states that “RSS is a technology that will change your life.” Well when I was searching for educational blogs, I found one that I really enjoyed and it definitely caught my attention. The blog talked about a technology teacher whose current job is to support other educators integrate technology in their classrooms, and promote “universal design for learning.” Most topics in her blog talked about technology, education, mission statements, and diverse instructions. The blog also offered a wide variety of resources, reading lists, and her favorite sites. I noticed that she also constantly posts new things she has learned from her own personal experience as well as what she has learned from co-workers and different workshops she has attended…well if you are interesting in checking out her blog, here it is, hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

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  1. Karla,
    The site looks very useful. BTW the best way to put links in a post is to highlight the words you want to link to (such as the name of a blog) and then click the link icon which looks like a little globe with 2 links from a chain in front of it. A new window will appear where you ente the URL.

    That way readers can click on pertinent links as they read a post.

    Dr. Burgos